Schedule of Events

June 26-28, 2020

Events running the duration of the weekend:

Next War Con – Dedicated space to playing, discussing and learning about GMT Games’ Next War Series with series designer Mitchell Land. Sign up when you register.

ASL Summer Sizzler with Kansas City ASL

  • ASL Starter Kit Training Mission – 1 hour learn to play event Friday Morning.
  • Friday ASL Starter Kit Tournament – Runs Friday and starts immediately after the Training Mission.
  • ASL Tournament – First round kicks off Friday night. Runs through the weekend.

Wargamer Roundup – Looking for an opponent? Looking for a game to play? Twice daily we will roundup all the wargamers looking for games to play at the registration table.

Last Hundred Yards Tournament – If you’d like to play, please bring a copy to ensure we have enough to go around. New to Last Hundred Yards? Designer Mike Denson will be on hand. Sign up when you register or on Friday morning.

Learn to Play – Learn to play events for the following games/series: ASL Starter Kit, The U.S. Civil War, GCACW, and Front Toward Enemy.

Dinner with Designers – A chance for attendees to sit down for a meal with some of our special guest designers.

Board Game Flea Market/Door Prizes/Play to Win games

Friday, September 18

8:30am – Game room opens

8:45am – Opening Remarks

9:00am – Wargamer round up

9:30am – Learn to play U.S. Civil War (2-8)

2:00pm – Wargamer round up

Midnight – Room locked for evening

Saturday, September 19

8:00am – Game room opens

8:30am – Wargamer round up

2:00pm – Wargamer Roundup

6:30pm – Dinner with Designer (Mitch Land)

Midnight – Room locked for evening

Sunday, September 20

8:00am – Game room opens

8:30am – Wargamer round up

2:00pm – Historical non-fiction book drop

8:00pm – Event closes

The schedule of events and event offerings are subject to change.

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