Schedule of Events

We strongly encourage you to pre-register for any events on the TableTop.Events Page. The TableTop.Events website will always have the most up to date schedule of special events and gaming opportunities.

Next War Con IV – Next War Con returns with new events, including a question and answer session with series designer, Mitchell Land.  Full Next War Con details will be made available as the convention date draws nearer.

Third Annual Last Hundred Yards Tournament – Round robin play spaced over the course of the weekend. New to Last Hundred Yards? Designer Mike Denson will be on hand. Sign up when you register or on Friday morning.

 ASL Summer Sizzler with the Kansas City ASL Group – All you can play ASL feast. Play as much or as little ASL as you’d like. A prize pool full of all kinds of ASL and BBQ goodies. As indicated on the badge registration page, we are happy to offer a limited of number of ASL only badges. Please read the description or FAQ for all limitations.

Learn to Play – Learn to play sessions are available as indicated on the Events page.

Dinner with Designers – A chance for attendees to sit down for a meal with some of our special guest designers. Sign up when you register and as the events are posted to the TableTop.Events page.

Looking for Game Coordination Events – We heard your feedback and we are making it easier to find opponents and games during the convention. Attendees can sign up for “Looking for Game” events to help round out their plans and get in touch with others to schedule something in advance. If you need something to play on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, sign up for the corresponding events.

The schedule of events and event offerings are subject to change.

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